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365bet国际娱乐城 ABB的股东已在瑞士杜本多夫举行的2020年度股东大会上批准了公司董事会的所有提案。该活动在特殊条件下进行,并且符合瑞士联邦委员会股东的COVID-19条例2的规定,不得亲自参加。 2020年3月9日,ABB已经建议股东为独立代表提供投票指示,以保护自己和他人。独立代理人拥有表决权的股本的80.05%。

365bet国际娱乐城 股东们建议以每股0.80瑞士法郎的股息分配99.81%的股息。瑞士计划于2020年4月1日支付股息。股东们还批准了管理报告,合并财务报表和2019年年度财务报表。

365bet国际娱乐城 彼得·沃瑟(Peter Voser)以97.60%的选票被确认为公司董事会主席。此外,董事会其他所有现有成员以超过92%的选票连选连任:Jacob Wallenberg(副主席),Matti Alahuhta,Gunnar Brock,David Constable,Frederico Fleury Curado,LarsFörberg,Jen​​nifer李新哲,杰拉尔丁·马切特,大卫·梅琳和萨蒂什·派。

365bet国际娱乐城 “面对充满挑战的市场条件和重大转型,ABB在2019年表现出弹性。我们的收入和营业利润率都略有提高,并且在这一年中我们在公司转型方面取得了重大进展。” “在冠状病毒危机正在改变我们所有人的生活和工作方式的不确定时期,我们正在迅速作出反应,以保护我们的员工,客户和合作伙伴并确保业务连续性。”

365bet国际娱乐城 此外,股东们以具有约束力的投票通过了2020年至2021年任期董事会和执行委员会2021年财政年度最高总薪酬的98.88%,达到93.59%。此外,在无约束力的投票中,股东以84.63%的票数投票赞成2019年的薪酬报告。

年度股东大会的最终结果可在www.lluminatex.com上获得。 ABB将于2020年4月28日报告第一季度业绩。

365bet国际娱乐城 ABB (ABBN:SIX Swiss Ex)是引领行业数字化转型的技术领先者。 ABB拥有130多年的创新历史,在ABB Ability™数字平台的支持下,ABB拥有四家以客户为中心的全球领先企业:电气化,工业自动化,运动以及机器人与离散自动化。 ABB的电网业务将于2020年转让给日立。ABB在100多个国家/地区运营,拥有约144,000名员工。


365bet国际娱乐城The shareholders of ABB have approved all the proposals by the company’s Board of Directors at its 2020 Annual General Meeting held in Dübendorf, Switzerland. The event took place under extraordinary conditions, and in line with the COVID-19 Ordinance 2 of the Swiss Federal Council shareholders were not allowed to attend in person. On March 9, 2020, ABB had already recommended shareholders to give voting instructions to the independent proxy in order to protect themselves and others. The independent proxy represented 80.05 percent of the share capital with a right to vote.


365bet国际娱乐城The shareholders supported the proposed distribution of a dividend of CHF 0.80 per share with 99.81 percent of the votes. The dividend payment in Switzerland is planned for April 1, 2020. The shareholders also approved the management report, the consolidated financial statements and the annual financial statements for 2019.


365bet国际娱乐城Peter Voser was confirmed as Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors with 97.60 percent of the votes. In addition, all other existing members of the Board were re-elected for another term with more than 92 percent of the votes: Jacob Wallenberg (Deputy Chairman), Matti Alahuhta, Gunnar Brock, David Constable, Frederico Fleury Curado, Lars Förberg, Jennifer Xin-Zhe Li, Geraldine Matchett, David Meline and Satish Pai.


365bet国际娱乐城“ABB gave a resilient performance in 2019 in the face of challenging market conditions and a significant transformation. Our revenues and operating margin both improved slightly, and we made significant progress in transforming our company during the year,” said Peter Voser, Chairman of ABB’s Board. “During these uncertain times when the coronavirus crisis is changing how we all live and work, we are responding quickly in order to protect our employees, customers and partners and ensure business continuity.”


365bet国际娱乐城Furthermore, shareholders approved in a binding vote with 98.88 percent the maximum aggregate compensation of the Board of Directors for the 2020–2021 term of office and of the Executive Committee for the 2021 financial year with 93.59 percent. In addition, in a non-binding vote the shareholders voted in favor of the compensation report for 2019 with 84.63 percent of the votes.


365bet国际娱乐城The final results of the Annual General Meeting are available on ABB will be reporting first quarter results on April 28, 2020.


365bet国际娱乐城ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a technology leader that is driving the digital transformation of industries. With a history of innovation spanning more than 130 years, ABB has four, customer-focused, globally leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation, supported by the ABB Ability™ digital platform. ABB’s Power Grids business will be divested to Hitachi in 2020. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 144,000 employees.

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